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Welcome to Manthan Sanstha Kotri

Manthan works on diverse local issues related to Sustainable Development along with empowering marginalized and excluded communities in 120 villages of Ajmer, Nagaur and Jaipur districts, Rajasthan, India. These villages are water scarce due to declining groundwater and the proximity to the Sambhar Salt Lake characterized by the prevalence of brackish groundwater. Besides this major issue, communities also face severe social, economic, political and other environmental challenges.

Our vision is to bring about sustainable development by addressing basic needs through small practical works linked to new global knowledge on development

Our mission is to work with vulnerable, backward, marginalized and excluded communities of the areas to access the basic needs like water, energy, health, shelter, information and livelihood opportunities.


Nisha – I can study too

Nisha, an ordinary girl from a backward class, turned out to be a great inspiration and personality. From a very young age, she used to support her family by grazing cattle and fetching water. It wasn’t just Nisha’s life but of almost every girl in the village who wasn’t sent to school. People believed that girls should rather learn and perform household chores.

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Girdhari - Change of the Community

A small child with dreams much higher than his age, belonging to a Banjara community unaware of the importance of education, became the source of the change of beliefs. The families were deprived of very basic commodities and wanted their children to work. They had seen people studying for 10-12 years and ending up jobless and believed that studying was a time not worth spending.

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Our Projects

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Some of our ongoing successful projects which is changing lives & uplifting values.

Our Projects

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Some of our ongoing successful projects which is changing lives & uplifting values.

The Nutrition Project – Super 5

Manthan Sansthan, in association with Barefoot College had been working for the development
of malnourishment amongst the children of rural communities of Rajasthan.
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Gullak Bank

To understand the importance of savings an initiative was started for the students of Manthan Shikshan Sansthan Academy.All the students are supposed to collect the money in a common Gullak .
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The Open Door Project - Manthan Library

Manthan’s library is an initiative started by The Open Door Project in May, 2019. This library is
a vibrant space filled with storybooks, comics, encyclopedias, magazines .
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UN SDGs that we endeavour to impact

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