“Gender is not the parameter to decide whether to get an education or not.”

Nisha, an ordinary girl from a backward class, turned out to be a great inspiration and personality. From a very young age, she used to support her family by grazing cattle and fetching water. It wasn’t just Nisha’s life but of almost every girl in the village who wasn’t sent to school. People believed that girls should rather learn and perform household chores.

In the year 2009, Manthan approached her and took her situation into account. To keep up with people’s thinking, it built water tanks for every house so that the little girls won’t have to go too far to fetch water and could save time. The organization convinced families every once in a while and finally they let their girls study at night schools and do household work during the daytime. Nisha performed exceptionally well in the school, scoring highest marks. She set out an example for other girls that they can handle it all. The families realized that if girls could perform all the tasks effectively then the focus on studies alone would bring a huge difference in their lives. Thus, the girls started going to regular day schools.

Nisha topped in classes 4th to 10th, Manthan Shishan Sansthan Academy supported and encouraged the children to play and study, and created a very friendly environment. She joined the government school, choosing the medical science stream and topped the school. Even though the atmosphere in the school wasn’t very pleasing towards her, she made through it and is now in college doing B.Sc. in Biology. She is also teaching the children at Manthan Shishan Sansthan Academy, helping them grow up with high ambitions.

Nisha has got this life-changing opportunity and is proud of what she has achieved. She has already set an example for upcoming generations in her village!