The Back to Basics Programme was instituted with the purpose of providing basic amenities like water, housing, energy, clothing and sanitation to marginalized communities. The objective of the scheme was to uplift excluded households and bring them into the mainstream society by smaller projects like tanks, solar units, roof constructions, warm clothing and toilets. Manthan seeks to empower these communities to lead a better life through these projects. It also wishes to foster a strong relationship with these communities.

Water Tanks

It is to ensure accessibility of communities to fresh and safe drinking water. Along with this, it seeks to make water a shared family responsibility and reduce the toil that women and girls go through to collect water. With water being adequately and easily available, a lot of time is saved enabling girls to attend schools and families to rear cattle as a source of livelihood. As strife for water resources are eliminated, families become happier and healthier and communities come closer.

The tanks are fresh-water storage units that are refilled by tanker suppliers in the area. Till date, Manthan has constructed 261 tanks which have benefitted 40 villages benefitting around 18 vulnerable communities in the area.


The shelter project aims to help vulnerable households by converting their makeshift dwellings into permanent houses in order to protect then from harsh weather as well as the threat of fire and wild animals. These houses are used by families sleeping, cooking and storage purposes. Till date, 71 such tin shed shelters have been constructed in 23 villages, thereby ensuring a safe living space for around 350 people.

Warm Clothes

We also helped poor households fight the throes of a harsh winter by distributing warm clothes and blankets. Since 2014, 2000 families in around 36 villages in the area have been benefitted by this endeavour. Over a period, Manthan has been instrumental in distributing quilts, blankets, shawls, sweaters and pair of daily wear clothes among the needy.


Promoting proper hygiene and sanitation has always been our focus. For this purpose, we has constructed 19 individual and 4 community toilets in 8 villages.

Solar Energy

Manthan has always been in favour of using clean and reliable sources of energy, as an alternative to non-renewable sources of energy. In collaboration with Barefoot College, we have distributed around 570 solar lanterns and installed 2290 solar home lighting units in around 20 non-electrified hamlets of Ajmer and Nagaur districts. More than 15000 people have been benefitted by this partnership till now.