The COVID19 pandemic has come into our lives like a storm, and there’s no expiry date in sight. A situation of total lockdown is prevailing in the country. All activities have been disrupted and everyone’s lives have taken a turn for the worse. In a crisis like this, it’s often the lower strata of the society which is worst hit. People in urban centers generally have some savings for a rainy day, but the rural folk mostly live on a day-to-day paycheck. Many of these people live in temporary shelters, which aggravates their problems. Thus, they are the ones who are presently facing a dearth of essential commodities, including food items.

There are many communities in the village whose means of livelihood have been badly affected. These people work as daily wage laborers to earn their livelihood. The current pandemic has wiped out all means of living for these communities and pushed them into the throes of poverty.

We got into action as soon as we came to know of the suffering of these communities. Our staff and youth from the Kotri village volunteered & joined hands to help these families by delivering food to them. Food kit include flour, rice, pulses, oil and soap.

Apart from this, we are also spreading awareness regarding the coronavirus including but not limited to symptoms, modes of infection and precautionary measures. People in rural areas have been badly hit by the crisis and are in fear of the situation. We are continuously in touch with them to resolve any issues they are facing and to assuage their fears.

The pandemic has taken all of us by surprise. Yet, in times like these, it is imperative we stand by everyone who needs our help. As you can see around you, it is the healthcare and sanitation workers, the delivery people and the next-door shopkeepers around you who are pulling out all stops to save you from the corona virus while you are holed into your homes, safe and sound. You are privileged, and that’s something to be grateful for.

The least you can do is donate to the needy and appreciate them for the work they do for you, all year round. Manthan believes in extending a helping hand to the underprivileged and helping them get through his crisis safely. We request you to do the same, in whatever capacity you can.