Manthan Fellowship Program

Manthan works on diverse local issues related to sustainable development by empowering marginalized and excluded communities in villages of Ajmer and Naguar districts of Rajasthan. Even today, there are communities where education is not an issue, so how will children’s education become a priority?

In 2009, Manthan started a school for girls in Kotri Village, it started as a Night School and is now a fully functioning day school named Manthan Shikshan Sansthan Academy. The aim of our school is to provide a holistic education to girls from economically poor families in the village. The need arose for such a school when around 70% of the poor families could not afford to send their daughters to school because of societal and economic pressures. Our focus is on girls education and empowerment in order to bridge the gender gap and provide an education that will open the doors to infinite possibilities for the community.

So far school began with 8 girls from Dalit community, encouraging girls from other communities to start their schooling. 176 girls have studied from the school and currently 92 children are studying including boys. 95% Girls completed education from Manthan School have continued their studies whereas a significant percentage of girls studying in government school drop their education.

To begin offering our students a top-notch education, we are planning for a teaching fellowship by placing fellows in our school and government school in nearby villages. Manthan Fellowship aims at bringing education as the prime issue among the villagers by creating a network of youth so that one day all our children will get an education they deserve. Active involvement of the community will make them aware about the importance of education.

This fellowship will create a space where children can interact freely and learn through creative methods of education. Besides the regular government prescribed curriculum, children will also be exposed to understanding of societal issues and activity based learning

So, we are focusing on providing children in the region with the best educational opportunities possible through fellows. We will start from 3 schools with 7 fellows reaching the goal of 11 schools with 23 fellows within the next 5 years.

We strive to make sure all our students have the best tools and resources they need to prepare them for tomorrow’s world.

How can you help?

We would greatly appreciate it if you could contribute any amount towards the required amount to launch the Manthan Fellowship Program.

We are one step closer to achieving our goals with your donations. Support us in creating an education revolution in rural area.