Education is the key to learn, adapt, understand, and develop, and its absence only harms society. In Bhadun village, 8 km away from Kotri, with 475 families, children from specific communities are not able to study even after having services provided. The area has private and government schools up to 12th standard. All kinds of government schemes and services like pension, ration, NREGA, banks, hospitals, supermarkets, cemented-roads, local and private transport facilities, electricity, tubewell, and water connections are present. But the schools aren’t filled with children of communities like Harijan and Regar.

The people of Harijan and Regar community are considered to be the ones who clean, graze cattle, or do salt labor work. All the family members are involved in the work to gain more income and have enough food to fill up their stomachs. Girls are supposed to do the household work, so they get no time to go to day-schools. Even if the parents want their children to study, it becomes difficult because of low income. The opportunities provided are of no use and access to these deprived people.

In the year 2016, Manthan started the night schools. Very few people got inspired at that time, including Mahima’s father, Bhagchand Ji. He was a day-time laborer and sent his elder daughter in the school and motivated others to do the same. Due to several reasons, the school had to shut down. Motivated to study, the girls then joined the government school. After her marriage, Mahima was the only one to do household chores and couldn’t go to the day school. In July 2019, with the cooperation of Barefoot College, Manthan reopened the school. Participations increased from 7 to 28 from the two deprived communities, and Bhagchand Ji offered a room of his own so that children could study. He is a very optimistic person and believes in development through education. He is ready to help in any way possible for the education of children.

Mahima has been studying for nine months in school now and has learned a lot of things. She is familiar with the Hindi alphabets and words and can write on her own. She can perform basic mathematical operations and loves to study through pictures and drawings. The children are given classes through digital media, like projectors, tablets, and iPads. She is so interested in studying and gaining knowledge that she also persuades and inspires others to come and attend the same.

With the support of people like Bhagchand Ji among society and young enthusiasts like Mahima, Manthan gets inspired to continue doing the hard work and putting efforts for the people and their betterment.