In the Bagaria ki Dhani of Padampura village, Manthan came as a boon for the development of the people. Every person had only one name to suggest, Kamal Kishore, to be the mentor and teacher of their children. Even after being physically disabled, he didn’t think twice to take such a big opportunity in his hands and educate the young generation.

Kamal Kishore was formerly a teacher in a private school and later joined Manthan in 2017, at the age of 36. He wished to let everyone know the importance and scope of education. His family supported him and he wants to do the same for every other child. Unlike parents, the kids were hesitant to study and feared the difficulties they
might have to suffer. It was even more challenging because the children were not from a very privileged society, but from a jungle, where they lacked opportunities and resources. They were impatient and hard to teach. His ways of teaching were different and more understanding. Neither he believed in forcing one to learn, nor did he discriminate based on gender. Everyone was given equal opportunities and taught to respect more than any theoretical knowledge. The only reason children kept coming to school was the kindness and affection of their loving teacher. The children have now realized how education is important in every part of life and they are willing to learn every bit of it possible.  It may take time to develop, but they are ready to give their best.

Kamal Kishore wanted to bring changes to upgrade the community and made people aware of certain projects and processes. He motivated people to take part in the blood test for nutrition projects and also took steps to stop Child Marriage. Kamal Kishore didn’t let his life’s obstructions stop him from doing the great work and Manthan successfully provided him with opportunities and a platform to serve.