A human is capable of doing every mental and physical activity, whether it be cooking, cleaning, constructing, or farming, irrespective of the gender. Giving both genders equal opportunities is the key to develop the nation in every possible aspect.

During the watershed construction inspired by the Anicut Dam, near the Ujoli and Jakholai village, laborers were hired from these villages. Initially, men and women worked in their construction. Manthan paid equal wages to all the workers of both genders. When work in the beginning phase was done, the male laborers demanded that women must be paid less than them. They stated that women were not strong enough to do all such physical hard work and were not capable enough to handle the workload the same as men. Gender Inequality is not to be supported in society and thus, Manthan did not agree to the terms. Women strongly took their stand and assured that they could work equally and well enough, and did not back out. The male laborers left the construction job to prove that women can’t complete the work on their own and should not be paid equally higher as men. After the completion of 50% of the watershed construction work, all alone by 20+ female laborers, men realized their wrong perception and wanted to come back. The women when allowed to choose from them, let only 2-3 extremely financially low families work together.

The construction of the watershed was completed with female efforts and support alone, proving their equal worth among others. They showed that they were no less capable than men, must not be underestimated and given fewer opportunities.