Objectives and Approach

By working with marginalised and excluded populations and emphasising the value of local knowledge and culture, Manthan enhances individual, family and societal well-being through community development practices.

Our main Objective is to attain the following:

  1. Empowerment of Marginalised and Excluded communities- Empowerment ensures that people maintain their own self-determination in order to represent their own ideas and interests. Manthan aims to give local people the opportunity and responsibility to plan their own lives through different awareness and education programmes on social, political, economic and environmental changes taking place locally and globally thus enabling not only individual but community empowerment.
  2. Equal and Equitable Access to development opportunities- Manthan believes that equal and equitable access to resources and welfare measures is necessary to enhance the well-being and development of communities. Through this objective it is hoped to eliminate various forms of discrimination that exists among the marginalized and excluded communities while helping these communities get access to different development schemes and opportunities that can improve their lives
  3. Enhancing Local Knowledge and Culture-For development and change, local knowledge is necessary. Manthan believes that for any new technique or idea to work, local knowledge is essential as it as part of the community’s existence and thus works towards this objective through its different programmes
  4. Conservation and Management of Natural Resources- Environmental changes is one of the major issues in the area. Since local livelihoods of agriculture and cattle rearing depend on the environment, Manthan’s aim is to restore and maintain the local environment through creative local solutions

 To attain the above, the following Approaches are adopted:

  1. Need-based and collective initiatives- each community has their own need and issue to be addressed. Manthan believes in a need-based approach to understand communities and their needs and to bring about feasible solutions to address it. By involving the community as an equal stakeholder in the solution, Manthan adopts a collective approach that allows the community to make and take decisions required for the better implementation of the solution.
  2. Merging old and new scientific and technological innovations-. By merging new and old scientific and technological methods and knowledge to address the local issues, Manthan acknowledges the value of both and hopes that it will empower local communities to increase their level of self-reliance.
  3. Continuous Dialogue- Manthan maintains a continuous dialogue with the various stakeholders and communities. The brings about a relationship that is based on mutual trust and respect and ensures that Manthan’s work remains rooted in the local conditions while reflecting changes in local aspirations or circumstances over time.
  4. Learning by Doing- New skills that are relevant and beneficial to the everyday lives of the common people are imparted for growth and development. Instead of simply distributing new technologies to the communities, it trains them in the maintenance, repair and upkeep to make them self-reliant. Manthan believes that the knowledge people acquire through hands-on experiences stays with them forever thus bringing in a long term sustainability




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