Girls School-Kotri

The Manthan Shikshan Sansthan Academy or the Girl’s School- Kotri began as a night school and is now a full functioning day school. The aim of the school is to provide good quality education to girls from poor families in Kotri village. The need arose for such a school when around 70% of the poor families could not afford to send their daughters to school because of societal and economic pressures.

The school on Manthan's grounds educates roughly 100 girls, all coming very lower caste families.

The focus is on girl education and empowerment in order to bridge the gender gap and attainment of education. It is a space where girls can interact freely and learn through creative methods of education. Besides the regular government prescribed curriculum, the girls are exposed to different fun activities.

Students learning through a fun hands-on activity about different ways water can be purified.

The school runs classes from 1st to 8th grades. Currently there are 76 girls from different communities in the village that attend the school.

Baal Sansad members creating a list of expectations for students to present at night school.

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