Solar Energy

Since 2003, Manthan has been promoting the use of clean and reliable sources of energy through its solar energy programme in the nearby villages. With the help of Barefoot College, Manthan has distributed around 570 solar lanterns and installed 2290 solar home lighting units in around 20 non-electrified hamlets of Ajmer and Nagaur districts. This has impact close to around 15000 people.

With the help of solar power many villagers now have the chance to light up the night.

A solar panel conveniently being placed just above the entrance to her home.


Solar EngineersĀ 

In order to make villagers self-dependent in energy use, maintenance and repair; solar engineers especially women have been trained to work with solar products. Around 100 villagers have been trained at the Manthan campus to maintain and repair these solar systems.

woman solar engineer

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