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Manthan is a team of local villagers, many who have worked at SWRC, Tilonia or studied at the night schools run by Manthan and Barefoot College.

Tejaram- Co-ordinator

Tejaram ji, November 2016.

Tejaram is the co-ordinator of Manthan since 1998. He worked as a night school teacher Barefoot College, Tilonia while he was studying at University. He also worked on accounts and education in the SWRC in Nallu. He worked at the education section in Tilonia where he initiated a science exhibition of everyday life in a mobile van; visiting different villages and explaining to children and adults about basic items and processes. Later on, he worked as the Education Co-ordinator and Development Co-ordinator at SWRC Management Group. He also contested the local government elections in his village. He is also a member of the SWRC core group, the advisory body (block level) of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan  and the District Co-ordination Committee.

 Pusaram Meghwal- Volunteering and Water  Coordinator; Public Relations Officer

Pusha Ram 3

Pusaram joined Manthan in 2012. He has studied till 9th standard. He was Barefoot College from 1984-1994. From 1995-2005 he ran a general store and tent house in village Kotri. From 2007-2012 he was the chairman of the Gram Seva Sehkari Samiti, Kotri and also the Board Member of the Marketing Society, Kishangarh





Hariram Meghwal- Creche and Health Co-ordinator

Hari, November 2016.

Hariram joined Manthan in 2009. He completed his B.A and is currently pursuing his M.A. Earlier at Manthan, he worked on education awareness programmes and ‘Youth Pocket’- a youth micro-finance initiative. Prior to joining Manthan, Hari worked at a private tax company. 





Gordan Lal-Accountant

Gordhan 4

Gordhan is the accountant at Manthan. He joined Manthan in 2001. Prior to this, Gordan worked at the SWRC (Barefoot College) field centre in Singla. He studied at the Night School up to primary level (5th standard) and continued his studies at a government school up to 8th standard.





Ummed Singh- Education Program Manager &  Computer Operations

Ummed 12

Ummed joined Manthan in 2014. He completed his M.A in History and Political Science. Prior to joining Manthan, Ummed worked Tilonia Shodh Evam Vikas Sansthan, Nallu.

Ummed is working in the NGO sector for the last Fifteen years,   Now Ummed is Education Program Manager and Computer Operator at Sanstha, He Monitoring of Digital & Non-Digital Night Schools and also Monitoring of Manthan School.



Kamla Devi- Women’s Committee and Guest House Co-ordinator

Kamla, November 2016

Kamla Devi joined Manthan in 2005.  Although illiterate, she works with women’s groups in different while also managing the Manthan’s campus, fields and cattle. Kamla manages Manthan’s campus, fields and cattle. She attended a night school in Ralawatta till 5th standard. Prior to joining Manthan, she worked in the agricultural fields and with cattle.




Hridya Syamala Jairam – Research and Development Officer


Hridya joined Manthan in 2018. She did graduation in Economics , received placement letter from Goldman Sachs but opted to work in development sector.She got welcome letter from Oxford University in 2016 and also won a National title in her native dance form ‘Mohiniyattam’ . 
Currently, she is running projects such as Gullak – The children’s bank , Mission Masala Chai , The Eureka project , Smile exchange programme , Manthan Mithra Club and various other programmes of Manthan Sansthan.





Ranjeet Gurjar- Mess Worker 


Ranjeet Gurjar Joined Manthan In 2018. He is from Tilonia Village. He belong to Poor OBC Cast. Ranjeet was 5 years old when his father died. Him mother raised. He worked for 7 years at the Patakha Factory. Becasus of which he got a problem of health after which manthan came. Is still working in the Manthan Mess.



Manthan Shikshan Sansthan Academy, Kotri 

Rooparam- Headmaster

Roop 4

 Rooparam joined the Manthan Girl’s School in 2015. He teaches Maths and Hindi at the secondary level and English for the lower classes. Prior to this, Rooparam taught in a private school in Parbatsar. He has completed his B.ed. He is currently pursuing his M.A.





Nandaram Meghwal- Teacher



Nandaram joined the Manthan Girl’s School in 2013. He has completed his B.A. He teaches English and Sanskrit at the school







Bindu Mali – Teacher 


Bindu mali Joined the Manthan girls’s school In 2018. She is from Parbatsar. She has completed her B.A. She teaches Hindi and Social Scince at the school.







Komal Meghwal – Teacher  

Komal Meg20181226_122249hwal Joined the Manthan girls’s school In 2018. She is from Kotri Village. She is belong to dalit community. She is alumni of the school and now styding in Graduation. She teaches Maths and Scince the school.






Rekha Prajapat – Teacher 

Rekha Praj20190103_114127apat Joined the Manthan girls’s school In 2018. She is from Sinodiya Village. She is styding in Graduation. She teaches Hindi and Envoierment at the school.

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