Manthan Kotri

Manthan works on diverse local issues related to Sustainable Development along with empowering marginalised and excluded communities in 60 villages of Ajmer and Nagaur districts, Rajasthan, India. These villages are water scarce due to declining groundwater and the proximity to the Sambhar Salt Lake characterised by the prevalence of brackish groundwater. This has resulted in excessive pressure on the existing ground water resources. Besides this major issue, communities also face severe social, economic, political and other environmental challenges.

Considering these challenges, Manthan works on issues related to water conservation, health access, education facilities, energy and provision of basic amenities through the Back to Basic Programme. The main philosophy of the organisation is to bring about equality and equity through a rights based and needs based approach. Through this approach, Manthan hopes that the marginalised and backward communities will be empowered to join mainstream society.

Manthan fieldworkers holding a general discussion with women

In order to achieve sustainable changes, Manthan takes a holistic view of the various development challenges in the region while recognising the complexities in the socio-economic as well as natural systems. The organisation firmly believes in working towards long-term sustainable changes in society instead of fixed solutions that are not linked to wider changes and events taking place in society and environmentally both locally and globally. 


Manthan hopes to bring about sustainable development by addressing basic needs through small practical works linked to new global knowledge on development


Manthan aims to work with vulnerable, marginalised, backward and excluded communities of the areas to access the basic needs like water, energy, health, shelter, information and livelihood opportunities. The main focused communities are women and girls, children, youth, small farmers, nomadic tribes and lower castes


A girl studying at a night school